Christmas GenealogyMany genealogical researchers are looking for ways to share their love of family history with their families during the holiday season. Whether you’re trying to kindle the spark of interest in family members or looking for creative ways to satisfy their curiosity, there are a number of avenues to consider. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite strategies for sharing your work with loved ones during the holiday season.

Photograph ornaments

Human beings are visual creatures. Even people who are overwhelmed with dates or a pile of documents will often show interest in family photographs. Images of your ancestors can be interesting for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they look like your current family members; or perhaps the antiquated clothing and context opens up interesting avenues of discussion. Many genealogists choose to celebrate the holiday by creating ornaments for loved ones that showcase photographs. Displaying photographs during family events or even making copies for everyone is also a thoughtful gesture.

Display heirlooms

If you’re in possession of family heirlooms, you’re very lucky. These could be books, such as a family bible; jewelry that might include wedding rings or period items like mourning jewelry; or even practical items like farm tools. Family heirlooms have the benefit of being tactile and physical reminders of the people that came before us. Sharing these items – by talking about their provenance or simply putting them on display during a family get-together over the holidays – can encourage your relatives’ interest.

Family trees

Many people associate genealogical research with traditional family trees. While a great deal more goes into fleshing out the story of how your ancestors lived and worked, a family tree is an easy place to start the discussion. If you share your entire family tree or even just a specific branch, a copy of the family tree can be a treasured gift that’s shared for generations to come.

Heirloom inspired gifts

Sometimes, genealogical researchers uncover bits of heirlooms that at first seem unusable: a wedding dress that’s beyond repair, for example, or some broken china. Today, crafty researchers are finding ways to remake these items into usable jewelry or other items. A wedding dress is encased in a glass necklace; broken china easily becomes stylish cufflinks. These gifts can be appreciated for their beauty, and enjoyed for their greater significance and connection to the past.

Family history presentation

If you’re sharing your family history with a larger group, consider hiring a genealogist to prepare a family history presentation. A presentation might focus on an overview of your ethnic history; an exploration of specific events from your ancestors’ lives; or even talking more about the time periods and locations that are of interest. Each presentation can be customized to your specific needs, and conducted during a family gathering such as a reunion.

Sharing your family history research is a wonderful gift to give to your loved ones; it can be done in numerous ways. Think about what resources you have on hand and explore different ways to use them to engage your family. Contact Price and Associates today to learn more about how a professional genealogical researcher can help in your family history quest. They can even help you by finding the meaning and origin of family surnames.