We truly have some of the best and most sought after researchers in the country. When you put your genealogy in our hands, it is handled carefully, expertly and with genuine concern for solving the puzzle.

It might also be fun to know that besides being excellent genealogical researchers, they have wonderful personalities and are quite fun to know. At a recent activity we learned some little known true facts such as………

She swam with sea turtles
He climbed inside one of the pyriamids at Giza
He drove up a volcano in South America
She rode a camel in Africa
He is a helicopter pilot
He ran four marathons
He swam in the North Sea
George Washington saved their ancestor’s life during the Revolutionary War
She used to be a figure skating instructor
She spent time working at an archeological dig site
He participated in a Christian CHurch service held ina Mosque in Bethlehem with a Jewish person lighting the candles.
She read every word of War and Peace and loved it
She once worked a graveyard shift as a pastrami-hanger and wiener-peeler at a Meat company
She traveled to three places on her bucket list.
She camped next to Loch Ness