I remember a time when I would get so overwhelmed with the myriad of chores that needed to be done that I would just sit and stare. One such time, my brother was living with us and he said a phrase that has motivated me since that time….He said, “Diane, just start!”   He was right! When I started, things started falling into place and the momentum continued until everything was done.

I have found the same phrase works with genealogy.  Anytime I have started a new project or entered new unfamiliar genealogical territory, and fell overwhelmed, +- i tell myself, “Diane, just start!”  It is amazing how everytime, the way seems to open, the comprehension deepens and the confusion surrounding genealogical problems begins to clear.  I like to call it the “Red Sea”  principle.  The Red Sea wasn’t already open and ready to cross when Moses and his people approached it.  It was a serious problem!  BUT, with faith and by stepping in, the seas cleared and they were able to cross.

Sooooooo……when confused and overwhelmed, “Just Start!”