The following record was found in the Ft. Smith Criminal Case Files held at the National Archives, Southwest Region in Fort Worth, Texas. (spelling is preserved as written)
Ardmore Mch 10, 1889 Col. Jno. Carroll

Dear Sir,
Please send writs for the following parties
committed Mch 8, 1889
L.F. Earles charge assault with intent to kill and larceny of one hog valued at $20.00 twenty dollars
Witnesses William Lesslie and Wilson Parker

Also for James Day committed Mch 7, 1889 larceny of bacon valued at $10.00 ten dollars
Witnesses Wiley Johnson Old man Day and Lony Robreson

I saw the witnesses. They are good ones. They both say they will plead guilty.
The one that stole the hog, Earles was skinning of it when the owner rode up on him. The hog was branded. When he seen those parties he grabed his Winchester and commenced to shoot at them he fired 4 shots at them and they ran and got away. They both claim to be guilty and say they are a going to ask the mercy of the cort and get as light a sentence as possible.
Send writs to me at Ardmore at once and oblige yours
John Swain Dpty U.S. Marshal