In light of the a talk heard at the BYU Family History conference regarding First Heart Then Chart, I would like to start a series on stories.
Some of the best family stories I heard were from Grandma who had a wonderful sense of humor and her stories generally centered around Grandpa, who
gave her great material to work with. Grandpa and Grandma raised their children during the depression years in the Chicago area and survived because Grandpa thought he could do anything and Grandma always found the thin line between comedy and tragedy.

And so this series is called LIFE WITH HERMAN and will begin with just a short introduction by Grandma followed by a short paragraph leading us into a glimpse of Grandpa’s personality.

By Nettie Catherine Hallam Steinbeigle

My name is Herman Lee Francis Joseph Conrad Steinbeigle the third. I am the smartest person alive. Anything you can do, I can do better, faster, easier. I am a pattern maker, tool and die maker, mechanic, machinist, carpenter, painter, paperhanger, architect, and engineer. Truck driver, electrician, plumber and the world’s best fisherman. Herman Steinbeigle the FishermanAnything you want to know just ask me. I am not bragging. I know what I am doing; that makes the difference.

The Truck Driver
“Hey Joe, want me to back that truck in for you? I’ll do it for a quarter.”
“What do you mean by that? There ain’t a truck made I can’t handle. I was driving a truck when you were just a gleam in your father’s eye. I drove when it took a man to drive – no super highways or expressways. I drove from Chicago to New York, up and down mountains, over icy roads, and snow, and mud up over the cab. Took a real truck driver to make it.”
“Oh, year, well same to you fella.”