A Great Opportunity To Start Your Family History Research

Whether you are a seasoned expert or a curious new researcher, genealogy is an excellent and rewarding hobby. Regardless of your skill, training, background, or family history, doing genealogy is always a unique challenge each time you sit down to do the work. There are many different types of family history work in which to engage, and they can all be helpful to your genealogy.

The first, most basic genealogy work is to complete your family tree with basic names and dates as far back as you can go. Some people only do this type of genealogical work for their entire lives. Some genealogists work more as historians, looking for the details, photos, stories, and artifacts to become the leaves on the branches of the family tree. Finally, one of the newest fields of genealogy is indexing, and it’s become pretty popular in recent years. Anyone can do indexing, and it’s a great place to turn if you are stuck with your family tree or just getting started in genealogy.

Indexing is a service-oriented form of genealogy, as probably all the names you index will be the ancestors of other people. These names are cataloged and made accessible for others to use in their genealogy work. It’s easy to do from home, and can be done for any amount of time – even if you only have 20 minutes. It can often give you ideas and information to help in your own genealogical work as well.

July’s Worldwide Indexing ChallengeFamily with tree roots

If you have yet to try indexing, now is a great time to try. Next month FamilySearch is hosting a worldwide indexing challenge – the goal is to get 72,000 people indexing as many names as possible for 72 hours! For this global event on July 15-17, people all over the world will be working simultaneously on photographed, handwritten documents like marriage certificates, passenger lists, census documents, and other items to record names, dates, locations, and other important information. This information will then be available and searchable online to help people in their search for their ancestors.

Indexing is hugely helpful in genealogy work, because we often hit dead ends in our family tree. We are unaware of children born to a couple, or the name of a spouse. We may know that a certain ancestor came to America, but we may not know when. Suddenly, the information is available and online! How?! Indexing. Someone took the time to index names from ancient documents that included information about your ancestors. That’s why indexing is so important to people worldwide, especially genealogists. If you’re having difficulty with a family member you may also be able to turn to professional genealogists like we have at Price Genealogy Associates for some family history help, so feel free to contact us today.

Mark your calendar for July 15-17, and download the software from FamilySearch now. Test it out if you can – it’s very easy genealogy work! Sign up to become one of the 72,000 doing indexing for 72 hours and make a difference in the world of genealogy.