5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Genealogist

5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Genealogist16

It is easy to get overwhelmed with things that are new to you or that you don’t quite understand fully.  It is normal to become frustrated and feel defeated when you’ve been working at something for some time and the pieces of the puzzle still are just not lining up.

Many people feel this way at some point or another in their genealogy and family history journey.

Whether you are starting at the very beginning and don’t know where or how to get going or you have gotten stuck somewhere along the line, it might be time to hire a professional genealogist.  

Here are 5 reasons hiring a professional genealogist is a good idea.


Searching for information about your family is certainly time consuming.  Unfortunately, gathering all the information you want and need is not as simple as clicking the little green hint leaves.  It takes time, knowledge, and understanding of where and how to look and search. Since all this is a professional genealogist’s job, they have got the time!  They know the most efficient and effective way to gather the most accurate information.  Hiring a pro lets you enjoy the new and exciting discoveries while they do all the work and research.

Understanding and Knowledge of Records

Because family history and genealogy pros spend their time accessing, sifting through, and searching a large variety of records, they have a deep understanding of what is available and what information those records hold.  Like many, you may feel intimidated or don’t know where else to look.  A professional genealogist has an extensive list of records to research.

Knows How to Tackle Problems

Unfortunately, most questions regarding genealogy and family history are not able to be answered quickly.  A professional has lots of practice and can pick up on patterns that may not be obvious to an amateur. Often times, people are looking for a tell-all bit of information.  That’d be nice, but that’s not typically how it works; in fact, that might not even exist!  Thankfully, however, the answer can often be solved by looking at several other records, in several different places to give one, complete answer.

Getting Unstuck

Hitting a dead end is not an uncommon thing when researching your family’s history.  There’s always at least one line that seems to hit a brick wall.  A professional genealogist has experience, knowledge and skills for breaking that wall down, getting unstuck, and solving the mysteries.  Which leads to the next reason . . .

Access to Additional Contacts and Resources

Unfortunately, some of the resources and records used for getting answers are still not available online.  A professional genealogist has easy access to places such as the Family History Library (just down the street from Price Genealogy!) that houses the biggest collection of genealogical records world wide.  A professional has a network of researchers and colleagues to work with. A professional is able to search the many additional resources that the public may not have access to.

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