8 Perfect Genealogy Gift Ideas

8 Perfect Genealogy Gift Ideas16

Buying gifts for anyone can be incredibly difficult, but especially for the genealogist who has everything.  Whether you are looking for something sweet and simple or a little bit out there, we’ve got you covered!  We have gathered eight perfect gifts for the genealogist in your life.

  1. DNA Test Kit
    DNA test kits can reveal information about a person’s past.  This can open up new doors in research, help expand their family tree, and let them get in touch with his heritage and roots.  There are many companies to choose from and they often have deals running. Click here to read more about which DNA test kit is best for you.
  2. Frame an Old Photo
    Photographs are an important part of genealogy and really do bring old family stories and legends to life.  While a framed photo may be simple, it certainly is heartfelt and is worth more than a thousand words. Be sure you (and the professional framers) take proper care of the original photo or have a copy framed instead.
  3. Custom Family Tree
    Family trees take a lot of work and are the pride and joy of a family historian.  This practical gift doubles as a work of art for them to display. There are many designs to choose from so you’re sure to find a style that fits.
  4. Family Heritage Tour
    Find a family heritage tour for the person who loves to travel.  Whether it’s visiting the hometown of a favorite grandparent in a different country or stopping by a grave site across the country, a trip dedicated to paying homage to family members will make lasting memories.
  5. Genealogy Software
    If your favorite genealogist is new to the game or is in need of a better way to build a family tree, consider purchasing a feature-and-tool-packed downloadable family tree software program for them.  There are many software options to choose from and most will even sync with am existing tree online.
  6. A Beautiful Map
    Not only are maps a great tool when learning more about your family’s hometown, but they’re also a beautiful way to honor ancestors.  Consider an antique or vintage map for extra beauty and add a frame for a great talking piece.
  7. Genealogy Online Research Subscription
    There are many resources available online for genealogy research.  Many of these sites are free but others require a subscription. This could be the perfect gift for the family historian in your life, especially if they’ve recently hit a brick wall in their research.  There are a number of sites to choose from, so if they are already subscribed to one or two sites, don’t worry!  There are many others that will be helpful to them.
  8. Personalized Family History Binder
    Not all genealogists like to work on a computer.  So a personalized family history binder could be there perfect, helpful gift.  There are many binders to choose from in number of sizes, colors, and styles. For an even more personalized gift, have the text on the cover and spine customized.