Having a Baby? 5 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Start Genealogy

Mar 16

If you’re expecting a new baby in your family its probable that the last thing you’re thinking about is researching your immigrant ancestors or the town where your great-great-great-Grandfather was born. Chances are you’re in your twenties or thirties, and while you’ve looked into your family history or heard your grandparents talk about it, it isn’t a priority to you. There are much bigger things going on! But, what you don’t know is that now is probably the best time to look into your genealogy and start learning more about your family tree.

5 Reasons to Start Researching Your Genealogy

Child Genealogy

1. Family is a chain.

A chain that you’re adding one more link to! You’re putting another leaf on the tree, and even if you don’t have a strong relationship with family, you’re still part of one - and your little baby will be too. You may not think about it, but you’re bringing a child into a family with a rich history. Now is the perfect time to do a little research to determine where you come from, so you can share that with your little one when they are ready.

2. Health Concerns.

You’re probably aware of your health and the traits you have the chance for passing on to the next generation. Ancestry DNA work is an incredible tool for your family history. Genealogy is a great way to find illnesses or genetic traits that run in your family, or to determine which family members appear to be the healthiest and why. This kind of genealogical research is a little more intensive, but can be incredibly helpful in discovering more about your own family.

3. Baby Names.

Choosing a name for a baby can be a stressful. You’re giving you baby a name they will carry forever! Many people find that turning to their family tree can help them with some name inspiration. Look on both sides of the family tree for potential names that you like. Don’t be afraid to use boy names for girls, last names for first names, or even to change the spelling if you like it better. Get creative, too: look at the names of towns where your ancestors lived, or the names of ships on which they sailed.

4. Bringing people together.

A child ties and perpetuates family like nothing else. If your family is a little scattered, you’re a single parent, you don’t know much about your spouse’s family, or you’re adopting or placing your child for adoption - genealogy work is a great way to feel a warm sense of family community, despite your circumstances. Especially if you have an unconventional family, you can still be proud of those who came before you and show your child the legacy of family behind them.

5. Filling missing links.

Most people expecting children have a newfound value in family relationships. Babies are so precious, even sacred. Can you imagine if this baby was lost or forgotten? Absolutely not! But some of your family in the past may be missing. This is great motivation to press a little harder into those “dead ends” on your family tree. Enlisting the help of a genealogical research firm can help you move past any obstacles that exist in your family history.

Congratulations on adding a new member to your family tree! May it continue to grow healthy and strong! Use this chance to make a difference in your family history, and don't hesitate to seek help from a professional genealogist if you need to.