English Indexes at the Family History Library

Nov 21

Whenever I look at an English problem I usually think of marriage indexes. Most counties have their marriages indexed at least 1800-1837 and some 1538-1837. To make certain, I went to the Family History Library in Salt Lake and checked on the CD databases availalbe. There is a great collection that is easy to use. For a brief review:

Berkshire has a probate index and many Christenings, marriage and burial indexes (CMB)

Cambridge has Christenings, marriages and burials, poor law index and many other records.

Cheshire marriage indexes 1754-1837 and many misc. records

Cornwall has many records. Cornwall is also available at parish clerks on line (http://www.cornwall-opc.org/) and their Christening, marriage and burials are indexed on the Cornwall FHS web site.

Derbyshire has many miscellaneous CDs. Their marriages are 100% indexed on line (http://www.derbysmarriages1538-1837.co.uk/)

Devon has criminal records, Christening, marriage and burial indexes by deanery - many parishes; land tax, Plymouth records, etc.

Essex has many monumental inscriptions

Gloucester has Bristol Christening and marriages
Gloucestershire Marriage index 1800-1837; christenings 1813-1837; non comformist index
Gloucestershire burial index

Hampshire has monumental inscriptions
Wills 1483-1653
Christenings 1660-1841
Burials 1400-1837
Marriages 1538-1837 100% coverage

Herefordshire marriage index 1837-1957
Monumental inscriptions index

Huntingdonshire many par reg,
Burial index 1538-1837
Marriage index 1538-1837 I think 100% coverage

Kent has many parish registers

Lancashire has many parish registers. Of course the parish clerks-on-line is fantastic for Lancashire (http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/) and Familysearch.org has over 1 million names

Leicestershire has a marriage index complete 1754-1852 and another 1800-1837

Leicestershire and Rutland burial indexes perhaps complete

Lincoln probate index 1700-1910
Marriage bond and allegation index
Settlement certs index
Burials 1813-1900
Marriage index 1700-1837
Apprenticeship 1711-1810
Military 1795-1845
Non-conformist index

London Probate Index - looks like it is possibly complete.
Many military records

Norfolk Norwich burials
Norwich marriages

Northampton bap 1700-1750 indexed 1650-1700 indexed 1813-43 indexed
Burials 1700-1812
Burial index 1700-1812
Marriage index 1700-1860
Marriage pre-1700 partial index

Nottingham marriage index

Oxford parish register transcripts

Rutland marriage index

Shropshire marriage index

Staffordshire onumental inscriptions
Marriage index, burial and christenings are easily ordered on line (http://www.bmsgh.org/search/sea1.html)

Suffolk burial index
Marriage index 1813-1837
Marriage index by deanery

Surrey burial index
Marriage index to 1837

Sussex poor law indexes
Monumental inscriptions

Wiltshire mar index
Non-conformist index
Land tax
Wills beneficiary index 1800-1858

Burial index 1813-37
Burial index by deanery
Monumental inscriptions
Many parish registers
West riding burials 1780-1837