Best Genealogy Websites Part 2

Best Genealogy Websites Part 22

Today we are continuing our overview of the best online genealogical resources, records, and tools.  These websites can help you on your genealogy journey and will make research much easier and fun! To catch up on last week’s rundown, click here.


This website is one of the most popular genealogical websites.  Many features require a paid subscription, however, anyone can use the Learning Center, First Steps, and many how-tos in the Family History 101 section.  Once you have subscribed to their website you are able to search many records and indexes that have been digitized from all over the world.


Many local libraries offer this resource for free and do not require subscriptions to view their how-to rundowns or to search their US censuses, records, historical materials, articles, and other resources.  

Price Genealogy

Use our website to access many different databases and resources for worldwide searches and information.  You can hire a professional genealogist to help you in your research projects; large or small, beginner or not.  We offer free consultations and post weekly blogs that contain valuable and relevant information.

One-Step Web pages

The basic appearance of the website can look overwhelming and complicated.  It’s not!  This is a great place for beginners to look for passenger and immigration info.  This website offers better search tools for data and information. There are a couple guides on how to use the website to make things easier or feel free to give it a spin and scroll through the various resources.

Family Search

Family Search is one of the best online resources and is free.  You can search through many indexed and digitized records from across the globe.  Use the Learn tab to access articles and online classes. Use the Catalog tab view the largest genealogy library catalog.  The site is keyword-searchable to help you find things quickly.


Google is a great way to search for names, places, and many different tools good for genealogy for free.  Use Google Translate to help translate text in and out of your native language. Google Books give you access to out-of-print resources.  Use Google Maps/Earth to help you find addresses and places of residence of your ancestors.


JewishGen is a free site and should be your first visit when researching Jewish ancestors.  This website is easy to use — especially since it gives a thorough intro to Jewish research and how to use the site.  There are many free tutorials available. Use this site to search databases with last name, towns, Holocaust victims, burial sites, and family trees.

Newspaper Archive

Subscribe to Newspaper Archive to gain access to over 120 million newspapers from 1607 to now.  This site is easy to use and allows searches by state and city, names, or other keywords. The site offers tutorials on how to use the site to make things even easier.


MyHeritage is full of tech-savvy features; some free, some are not.  You can build out your family tree (however, once your family tree reaches a certain size, MyHeritage will charge you for results), make a website, search large genealogy databases, view online forums, and more.