Planning a Family History Road Trip

Planning a Family History Road Trip Ideas23

Make your family history research more exciting as you explore your ancestors’ roots and plan a family history road trip. Make your family history research more exciting as you explore your ancestors’ roots and plan a family history road trip. Visit the land of your ancestors—learn more about them, further your research, connect with new and old family, and have fun along the way as you plan out the perfect family history road trip. You may even be able to stop at multiple cities and towns along the way.

Map It Out

Often with family history trips, you’ll be traveling to a place you are unfamiliar with—it helps a lot to map out your visits. This will help you to avoid wasting valuable travel time. Find local cemeteries and places of worship—these places will likely have records that may be helpful to your search.

Once you have determined your destination, search for other surrounding areas that you’d like to check out. Map out your travel plans—you can avoid spending all of your time in the car when you thoroughly plan out your trip.

Take Your Tree

Having your research ready and available as you travel, and search is extremely helpful. Taking your family tree with you is as easy as taking your smartphone with you! Download any apps you use to collect your research and take all of your information with you. You can collect data and upload as you go. Document your trip with pictures, information, videos, and more. You can easily access details need to find your ancestors when you have your tree with you.

Look for Family in the Area

If you are visiting a specific destination for family history purposes, you may have relatives in the area. You may even find lost relatives that are still living in the area of your ancestors. If you’ve had your DNA tested, you can likely find other people in the area through your test results. You may also be able to find a family by searching surnames in that area on social media. Finding family will not only be a unique and exciting experience, but it will likely also help your research as they may have more information on your ancestry.

Get to Know the Locals

When you’re in a new area, get out and explore your ancestor’s community! It may help you to understand and connect with your family more. Look for local events, get a feel for the people in the area. There may even be long-time residents that know of your ancestors or your current family members in the area. Getting to know the area and the local people may help you connect, research, and it’ll make things a lot more fun along the way.

Visit Local Libraries

When you’re mapping out your road trip, look for local libraries. These libraries will likely have information that will be helpful to your research. They may have records, pictures, and more regarding your family. The information found at local libraries often pertains directly to your family and cannot always be found elsewhere.