• Jay Pinchbeck, Roxbury, Connecticut

    I am very, very pleased with the work you have done for me on the Pinchbeck Family and the questions I have raised concerning some of the gaps in the lineage. I have hired two other research companies and am concerned about the results. I would like you to continue the wonderful job that you are doing for me. Your researcher is certainly doing a remarkable job. I am very pleased with your research thus far and look forward to finally finding out the correct lineage of my Pinchbeck family. I have struggled with trying to fit all this together for quite some time. Again, thank you for all of your work on my family project.

  • Julie S. Watkins, Kaysville, Utah

    What you have done for our family will continue forever. It has given us an identity that will be forever a priceless gift. Words cannot express our gratitude. I can’t imagine what a good feeling it must be to help people with their genealogy. You have a marvelous staff, and I am so anxious to read the chapters [of the family history you have compiled] that you sent. I love what I have read so far. My greatest pleasure is trying to imagine how happy our parents would be (are) to see what Richard Price and Associates have accomplished for our family. We will continue to be in touch!

How very impressed I was with your report! It was incredible to read the names of people you have never met, but owe a great deal to.

Cathy, Chevy Chase, Maryland

It is so great to get these updates on the genealogy. You are “5-star” genealogists.

Dwyla Perriton, Cheyenne, Wyoming

I first became acquainted with Richard Price over twenty years ago. During those years he has uncovered my family records more than I ever could have found on my own. This past year he has opened up names and places that I felt were impossible to find. Some of my English lines have now been extended into the early 1500s and appear to be headed even further back in time. I have always been impressed with his thoroughness and the accuracy of his reports. He has an excellent, well-qualified staff who work well together in meeting the needs of their clients. I appreciate the excellent service they have given me over the years.

Joan Waterworth, Salt Lake City, Utah

We had seemingly reached the end of the trail several times as we pursued our family history. But personal consultations with Price Genealogy immediately extended several of our family lines back many generations. We traced one royal line back to 400 A.D. We have now cracked several lines which appeared dead ends. We are excitedly tracing a host of dormant lines. We are so grateful for such sound professional help.

Francis Madsen, Boston, Massachusetts

Since you knocked on my door three years ago miracles have been taking place in our lives. You gave us six names and we did their temple work, then my father of 79 was baptized and received his priesthoods. Recently, October 17, my parents were sealed in the Ogden Temple and my three brothers and I were sealed to them. Together forever has a whole new meaning for me. … Thank you is not enough – I’ll always be praying for your organizations continuing great work for everyone. Sincerely,

Edith, Rexburg, Idaho